American economy: A highway robbery

The story is about a prince named banking system.

So the reserve ratio is the amount of deposits the banks had to keep with themselves, they can loan out the rest. The reserve ratio in America is 10%. Which means that out of 100$ the bank keep 10$ with themselves and loan out the rest of the 90$.

So they deposit their money in the banks, the bank keeps the 10% with them and loan out the rest of 90%. Which goes to other people, they then invest it or buy other stuff with it and so the money goes from one person to another but soon someone decides to deposit it in his account. The bank again keeps 10% and loan out the rest of the 90%. And so this goes on and on.

There is 832.6$ bn printed money in america. Almost all of it deposited in banks.

Rs in billion

Serial #

Total Deposits





























and so on

You can find the total deposits with the help of a formula.

The sum of infinite progression.


S= Sum, P= Principal amount, r=reserve ratio.

8326$ bn=832.6$ bn/10%

Out of these 10% 832.6 $ bn are reserved and the rest of the money 7439.4$ bn is loaned out. This money is only in the books and computers but not in reality.

I am not completely sure but according to some sources average interest on deposit in America is about 3%. And average interest on loan is around 6%.

So it means that

Total interest on deposit is 8326$ bn * 3% = 249.78$ bn.

While Total interest on loans are 7439.4$ bn * 6% = 446.36$ bn.

So the net income of banks from the peoples money is 446.36 – 249.78 = 196.58$ bn.

That’s 23.6% of the total money. Does this means that they are taking 196.58$ bn from them each year.

Wrong: this means they were taking 196.58$ bn from us.

It’s been years now. It only took them 5 years to take all the money. Now they have nothing to give. 51 corporations of the world hold 96.8% wealth of the world. Out of every 9 Americans, 8 are in debts. Each year more and more people are becoming homeless.

And above all the big corporations are taking all their money and shifting it to China. That’s all the money there is. And when the hard working tax payers will go to the bank asking back there deposits “They will declare insolvency.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”


10 Responses to “American economy: A highway robbery”

  1. Ha ha.
    Now those stupid people. Now no one can save america.

  2. Alex johnes Says:

    This is bullshit.

    Do you have any reference on this??????????????

  3. 1vendetta Says:

    This is simple economics. buy an economics book and read credit rationing. and for the reserve ratio see this link

  4. fahad nazar Says:

    I am a Pakistani living in America. I got really concerned after reading this article. Please first of all I need to know your qualification and then tell us what is the appropriate steps that we should take to secure our money.

  5. This is all illuminati planing. they control all the media. and we don’t know any thing about it. and now they are planning to close the internet. we should all join to form a parallel network just like internet with millions of share holders. and not allow them to control it.

  6. 1vendetta Says:

    Hi Fahad
    I am a chartered accountancy student. And as part of my study I have to keep in touch with all this stuff.

    Now you are a Pakistani. Despite the fact that the American economy is not good today, you should have always sent money to Pakistan. That is your duty as a Pakistani. But a any way now being totally unbiased I can only suggest to take out your money, convert it to another Euro and send it outside America. any country would be fine. But Pakistan has an unfavorable balance of payment. So to correct it Pakistan has made several arrangements with net effect that you will get around 16-20% profit each year. Also investing of money in Pakistan stock market will give you around 30% return each year. These are good stats.

  7. 1vendetta Says:

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  8. 1vendetta Says:

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  9. Fascinating research material however it is a very short version of a complex system. I would really like to see this topic in more detail. Please if you have more information on the topic, do share.

  10. Mr Vendetta I am Desperately waiting for the detailed version of this topic if that is not possible then I am sending some of the questions to the email address, please answer that.

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